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Stay The Night by Zedd Featuring Hayley Williams

One of the best new releases comes from Zedd. His new “Stay The Night” featuring the talented vocalist Hayley Williams has the ability to be played over again numerous times.

Its this caliber of a song that ramps up Zedd’s career as a musician. Ask anyone there favorite song by Zedd and a majority of them will probably name this song. It certainly shows the type of music this guy can produce and will most likely go on his “Best Of” collection many years from now. Its less dubstep music and more electronic which is why many clubs around the world are adding Stay The Night to their music lineup for the evening so its almost impossible to not hear this track. Read More »

Best Dubstep Songs by Artist

One of the best dubstep songs of all time has to be without a doubt “Promises” by Nero. It has over 20 million views on YouTube and the remix has over 23 million views.

Just about anyone who has gotten into this genre of music has heard this song at some point. Promises has found a way to be one of those songs that hardly gets old and if it does… there is always the remix by Skrillex that some may say is better than the original. Read More »

Destroid – Epic New Dubstep Group

Three huge groups in dubstep have come together to form one of the most anticipated creations this year, Destroid. The group Excision is notorious for their heavy bass and sci-fi distorted clips from famous movies like Aliens and Transformers. Their dubstep beats and drops combined with the sci-fi aspect of the music takes the listeners on quite a ride. Read More »


Rusko Releases KAPOW EP For Free

Rusko (dubstep producer from the UK) goes it on his own and releases his own music after telling the record company to stuff it. Normally it would seem like a bold move but in this case it was a smart move. Rusko has hundreds of thousands of followers on his Twitter account alone and even more in his fan base. Read More »


Delerium Dubstep in Music Box Opera

“Stargazing” – Bonus Track by Delerium is quite possibly the most unexpected song I have heard this year. The best way to describe this song is the sounds of “Telepopmusik” combined with “Delerium” and of course dubstep.

We are used to hearing other famous musicians doing vocals for feature songs produced by Delerium and it turns out that those hauntingly good vocals come from Angela McCluskey… the lead singer of Telepopmusik who received a Grammy nomination. Read More »


Monsta Signs With Skrillex Label OWSLA

With one of this summer’s biggest dubstep hits “Holdin On”, Monsta is quickly becoming one of the most popular names this year. The soulful vocals from lead singer Skaar were actually mistaken to be those of Aretha Franklin. When listening to the new tracks its easy to hear why. Read More »

Bittersweet by Ellie Goulding on Twilight Soundtrack

When the people responsible for putting together the soundtrack for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2  heard the song “Bittersweet” produced by Skrillex and Ellie Goulding, they were ecstatic to get the song in the soundtrack that ends the series. Read More »