Delerium Dubstep in Music Box Opera

Posted November, 5, 2012

“Stargazing” – Bonus Track by Delerium is quite possibly the most unexpected song I have heard this year. The best way to describe this song is the sounds of “Telepopmusik” combined with “Delerium” and of course dubstep.

We are used to hearing other famous musicians doing vocals for feature songs produced by Delerium and it turns out that those hauntingly good vocals come from Angela McCluskey… the lead singer of Telepopmusik who received a Grammy nomination.

Throughout the entirety of the song are drops and beats usually heard from dubstep musicians. They made this work really well. As soon as I heard the song I had to look it up in the player to make sure I was still listening to Delerium and because it sounds really good. If they could get together with Monsta and record a song.. they could probably make something really epic. Check them out at to listen to “Stargazing”. While not in the genre of dubstep music, I would also recommend the song “Days Turn Into Nights” on the same record “Music Box Opera“.

The release party for the record “Music Box Opera” will be rounding up in Charlotte, North Carolina on November 10th but you can get the record on iTunes and Amazon.

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