Destroid – Epic New Dubstep Group

Posted November, 9, 2012

Three huge groups in dubstep have come together to form one of the most anticipated creations this year, Destroid. The group Excision is notorious for their heavy bass and sci-fi distorted clips from famous movies like Aliens and Transformers. Their dubstep beats and drops combined with the sci-fi aspect of the music takes the listeners on quite a ride.

Downlink has a similar style but isn’t as heavy (hit you in the face sound) compared to Excision. Tracks like “Triphekta” bring out sounds that video gamers are familiar with combined with slick drops and distortion.

KJ Sawka, the producer and drummer behind the famous electronic groups Pendulum and Knife Party, will be final piece to make up the new super group Destroid. With this much talent and experience behind one group… there is sure to be some great music coming from these guys.

The idea is to have a live dubstep band rather than the DJ style concerts that everyone is used to. Not only is their idea of shaking things up a bit keeping everyone on their toes… they are also advancing the music genre by using the latest technology developments in order to give people something they have never heard before.


No one has really heard any of their music or knows anything about their new tracks or record coming out which Destroid plays on in this teaser video released on Youtube. “Elevate your existence” :

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