Rusko Releases KAPOW EP For Free

Posted November, 7, 2012

Rusko (dubstep producer from the UK) goes it on his own and releases his own music after telling the record company to stuff it. Normally it would seem like a bold move but in this case it was a smart move. Rusko has hundreds of thousands of followers on his Twitter account alone and even more in his fan base.

In the modern world when a company holds a person and their work back, we have the power and the ability to take our work and give it to the world. Rusko has done just that and his seeing a huge increase in followers and popularity. He recently released his new KAPOW EP on his website and is seeing a surge in traffic. These tracks are good enough to charge for but he’s not, Rusko is giving them to you.

There are 3 options to get his new dubstep EP for free. To sign up to the newsletter with your email, pay with a post on facebook or repay with a simple tweet that tells your followers you just picked up his EP and where to get it. Not bad for 4 really good tracks. The KAPOW EP has “Yeah”, Booyakasha”, Bring It Back” and “Like This”. The track “Yeah” is a really good listen… on repeat. It flows really well and gets you pumped up for the day.

Rusko is one incredible dude. He has the courage to tell the record companies to suck it and he does his music his way when he want to. He even tweeted to the old record company back in March 2012 (Mad Decent) that signed him “U fcking useless numbskulls @maddecent all the hard work keeping it off radio, no djs, off YouTube, till release day was for nothing. Thanks”.

Giving his music to the public for promotion and not profit is an excellent idea and frankly, his popularity is probably going to increase ten-fold because of it. His servers have already crashed a few times within the first 3 days due to over 50 thousand downloads. Here’s to more releases from Rusko… and server up time.

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