Stay The Night by Zedd Featuring Hayley Williams

Posted March, 7, 2014

One of the best new releases comes from Zedd. His new “Stay The Night” featuring the talented vocalist Hayley Williams has the ability to be played over again numerous times.

Its this caliber of a song that ramps up Zedd’s career as a musician. Ask anyone there favorite song by Zedd and a majority of them will probably name this song. It certainly shows the type of music this guy can produce and will most likely go on his “Best Of” collection many years from now. Its less dubstep music and more electronic which is why many clubs around the world are adding Stay The Night to their music lineup for the evening so its almost impossible to not hear this track.

In January 2014, they released a remix done by Kevin Drew and Zedd. Its not often that the writers of the song participate in their own remixes but when they do the song it just as good as the original.

Here is the original track:

Its songs like these that are really inspirational for people. It gets them into music, gives them energy for their day and makes for a really good song to listen to when going out. It seems we go through periods where there are a few good songs here and there by many different artists and then a song like this comes out of left field waking everyone up.

The music videos can be found on YouTube which come highly recommended. The videos add so much more depth into the talent behind Hayley Williams’ voice. Its once thing to hear it but to see where that sound is coming from makes someone appreciate it more. The volume and range she reaches with such clarity (not the other song by Zedd) makes her the perfect vocalist for “Stay The Night”.

Seeing how young the German musician known as Zedd is also points outs how far he has come in ┬ásuch little time. In the acoustic version of the video you’ll see a few sneak peeks of Skrillex in the audience. He has one of the biggest dubstep musicians in the audience watching him. As an electronic musician that has to be a great compliment. I really am torn on my preference of which one I like more though.┬áListen to both versions and let us know which one you like the most and why.


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